Mama, you got it!

Hey Mama's! 

Just wanted to hop and give you some words of encouragement. 'You got it, girl'! 

This COVID-19 has really put us into position right? A position of love, faith and peace. My encouragement comes from a sacred place and that is my heart. 

Take this time to reflect, love those babies, hug those babies and love your family. Social distancing may seem a little obscured but if you really think, you sharing this with the perfect people. 

Promoted to 'homeschool' teacher, don't stress! Do the best you can. 

I leave with you a scripture from Psalm 91:9-10. Take some time and read it, dissect it, and believe with GREAT faith. 

Better days are coming, Mama's! A special thank you to the teachers that are mothers as well that love and care for our children in our absence. YOU are appreciated.